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Morning Parade

Live from SE1

Morning Parade’s self-titled debut album is brilliant, the band’s EP, Live from SE1, is a sample of a few terrific songs from the band’s debut in a live environment. While not without a flaw here and there (it’s live music,) Life from SE1 is more than worth the time of anyone who likes the album and worth checking out after you’ve listened to the debut if you haven’t heard either yet.

This iTunes exclusive EP has six songs from the band’s album. The songs, “Us and Ourselves,” “Running Down the Aisle,” “Headlights,” “Half Litre Bottle,” “Carousel,” and “Blue Winter” all sound slightly different live than their studio versions. Johnny Sparrow’s voice is warmer in a live environment; on some of the softer songs like “Carousel” and “Blue Winter” he almost croons. Then on “Headlights” and “Us and Ourselves” he rocks out a little bit (and is a little more winded in the chorus of the song.)

Morning Parade is a group that hopefully you’ll hear more and more from in the next year. They’re an awesome act and they’ve got a great album. This EP is also a tremendous pickup, the end of “Half Litre Bottle” has one of a few breathtaking moments on this short six song EP. This proves to be a terrific sample of Morning Parade’s live show if you’re interested in checking that out and it’s a great sample of the band in general too.


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