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The latest from Toadies, Play.Rock.Music, isn't experimental but it's not altogether common for rock music, or common for Toadies for that matter. This album is a bit of a weird one. Maybe that's because Vaden Todd Lewis wrote this while he and the band were recording everything for this album. Maybe that's just the album they wanted to make. Its hard to say if it's a good or bad record, but it's easy to day it's an interesting one.

The one thing thats remained consistent over the past couple of Toadies albums is Lewis' embracement of Texas. When you listen through a Toadies record you'll hear the groups trademark lone-star twang- it's like swamp rock. You hear that in Vaden's vocal and in the guitars. That twang is here on this album more than it's been on any other Toadies record. Along with that, this album is full of eccentricities, case and point is "Laments of a Good Man." that song sounds like an insane version of the pink elephant song from Disney's Dumbo.

Toadies latest isn't their best, but it's a fun listen. I don't think it's going to be anybody's favorite record from the band, but longtime fans will love it. It's memorable because it's somewhat odd, but it's not memorable for being bad too. It's decent and those interested enough to listen to it will probably like it.


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