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Borders and Fences

I wasn’t a firm believer in Namesake based on their single, “Worlds Away.” It was a decent song, but it had been done before. An acoustic guitar used in the verse of a song that's a rock spinoff of the pop-punk genre was trademarked by The Almost three years ago. So based on the single, I wasn’t that impressed, but once I took some time and listened to their entire album, Borders and Fences count me in as a Namesake fan.

Not a lot of people are making this album anymore. When Over It turned into Runner Runner that seemed to be as good of a bookmark as any that signaled that the genre wouldn’t see a lot of new entries. But along comes Namesake, and I’m not so sure anymore. These guys have the potential to do some amazing things based on this album, the guitar work is flat-out ridiculous in spots, the vocals done by Will Crafton are good too, and the production on this album is stellar. What’s really impressive is some of the writing on the album. Some of these songs are sub-bar, but some of them are amazing. They’ve got big, soaring choruses and some great lead-ins too. Plus, in the overall picture they incorporated everything they needed to make a good album in this genre. They’ve got awesome guitar solos, the dude chorus, and a lot of breakdowns. While not perfect, this album gets some big bonus points for being ambitious and pulling off most of what was tried.

Namesake will show something to anybody who picks up Borders& Fences. It’s a good album with some terrific songs. They have the tendency to throw off the listener with some curves that don’t necessarily fit, but they also have an ability to make that same listener nod their head in approval. At the very least, give this a sample. You might be pleasantly surprised.


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