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Delayed Reaction

Apparently less of a proper new album than it is a newly-recorded collection of b-sides and previously unreleased concert staples, the appropriately titled Delayed Reaction is the first new offering from Soul Asylum since 2006's pseudo-comeback album The Silver Lining. It also fares slightly better; there's a scrappy energy here that seemed to get lost in translation on the grandiose and occasionally self-important previous album. Lazier critics may back-handedly compliment the guys for reliably carrying the '90s post-grunge torch, but this has very little in common with 1992's Grave Dancers Union, still by far the band's most recognized album. In fact, Delayed Reaction is quite eclectic for a short, 10-song set, mixing up energetic rockers ("Gravity," "Let's All Kill Each Other") with breezy, mid-tempo pop-rock ("Into The Light," "The Juice") while throwing in oddities like the plodding slacker anthem "I Should've Stayed In Bed" and even a smoky lounge number ("Cruel Intentions"). There's probably little appeal here for those who only have "Runaway Train" on their iPhones these days, but real fans of the group will appreciate much of what this album has to offer.


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