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Max Collins

Honey from the Icebox

Max Collins's debut solo album is a mixture of Eve 6 and Americana music. That seems like an odd combination, but Collins's delightful eccentricities mix perfectly with the music he wrote for Honey From The Icebox. There's an overall vibe with the record that makes it an entertaining listen and something that turns out to be far more than background music.

The giant umbrella that is Americana music is an apt genre for Collins's solo work to be under. There's a range of unclassifiable styles mixed with acoustic guitar, so yeah… it works in that area. It's a little folksy, and a little bluesy in spots too, but that Americana reference still works. The music works perfectly for what Collins does lyrically. He's always written lyrics that were different than everybody else, but with his solo stuff, it appears that his stylings are going to get further and further odd. That's not something to fear, but something to be plenty happy about. Collins is best when he's singing about metaphors that none of us understand.

If you liked Eve 6, there's kind of a toss up regarding whether or not you'll like Max's solo work. If you liked It's All in Your Head then odds are that you should be in on Honey From The Icebox. It's a uniquely odd and entertaining listen.


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