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Walk The Moon

Cincinnati’s Walk the Moon is currently killing it. They’ve been playing headline shows, selling out L.A. on consecutive nights and having the number one song on Sirius/XM’s Alt Nation Countdown for a few weeks too. It’s surprising that they did this BEFORE releasing their major label debut. Now that their self-titled album is out there don’t expect things to slow down.

Walk the Moon’s label debut is different from their independent release I Want, I Want. The band sounds similar and the songs are styled the same way but the production, mixing, and mastering of this album makes that album sound like it was recorded in a cardboard box. Working with Ben Allen, the Ohio natives took their sound and made it huge. All of the production here is bright and vibrant and it’s superb on the ears. You can really hear the difference on upbeat tracks like “Anna Sun,” “Jenny,” “I Can Lift a Car,” and “Tightrope.” It’s somewhat of an odd pairing considering that Walk the Moon has a very indie feel to their music and having songs that are polished isn’t the first thing you think of with anything related to that word, but it works.

The production is the standout, but Walk the Moon’s overall quirkiness is of note too. A few people will point to it as a flaw, but more will flock to see the band live because of it. The band’s songs and song titles are bizarre, Nicholas Petricca’s lyrics are strange, and there isn’t a ton of normal to be heard on this album. That’s perfect and it really adds something to this band’s general appeal.

Walk the Moon’s debut has five or six amazing tracks that you’ll love listening to over and over. That’s more than most albums. The album as a whole is good too. There are a few moments of boredom spaced out pretty equally across the record and they manage to turn this into a good album instead of an amazing one. All things considered, I’d still purchase this and see what you like. This is a good album, but more importantly this is an amazing band.


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