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Morning Parade

Morning Parade

Out of the U.K. and more specifically Essex, England- Morning Parade just released their debut, self-titled album in the U.S. after it was available for a short time in Europe before it was made available stateside. Now that it’s available in America, Morning Parade hopefully will be able to make a global impact with the release. After all, this five-piece group is an amazing band that sounds like the British version of SafetySuit. They’ve got big, sweeping guitars and clever hooks and rhythms. With the band’s debut album produced by Jason Cox, they’ve shown some serious potential to make an impact with synchronization licensees, on the radio, and pretty much every other meaningful catalyst in music these days. The album isn’t pristine and perfect, but it’s a tremendous building block.

This particular debut showcases a number of outstanding qualities. First and foremost has to be lead singer Steve Sparrow. His vocal is slightly like Doug Brown of SafetySuit but he’s got a British influence to that vocal. Sparrow’s voice floats wondrously through this entire album. That’s whether he’s setting the tone of a song with a somber chorus, delivering a catchy hook, or delivering a small ramp for a build. Sparrow is one of the main reasons why Morning Parade works so well.

The other reason why this album works so well is because the production of it is outstanding. If you listen through this enough you can tell there was some effort put in to make sure that every song sounded perfect. It just doesn’t come across that way unless you’re really paying attention. Even on a song like “Under the Stars,” where there’s a lot of electronics and things like that, it always sounds like legitimate music and not something cookie-cuttered to appear that way. It should be such a simple thing, but it’s something that far too many records that have even claimed to be ‘capturing the moment’ have fallen into. Producing well enough to make sure that you’re not the first thing that people think of when they hear a record sounds easy, but it’s a talent- and Cox and the rest of the people involved in bringing Morning Parade’s debut album to life did a tremendous job.

Morning Parade’s flaws aren’t abundant, but there are a few. The end of the album doesn’t make the strong finish that you would have liked it to. “Born Alone” and “Speechless” limp to the finish at the end of the album. The other thing, is while the alternative American pop sound proves to be beneficial here, they don’t mix thing up enough through the middle of the album. Too many songs sound too much alike and the songs that borrow some world music influence get lost in the shuffle.

Morning Parade’s debut album is an impressive one. Songs like “Us and Ourselves”, “Headlights”, and “Under the Stars” should get people’s attention, the rest of the album should pull them in for good. This is an outstanding band and this is an album that should definitely be on your radar.


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