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Dedication EP

There were a couple of certainties with Rome Ramirez's new music since his experience with Sublime with Rome. One was that it was going to be a decent-sized step away from a Sublime sound. The main way this was done was by working with Fun. producer Jeff Bhasker. The other certainty with Rome's latest is their was bound to be a song about the doob. Keeping both of these things in to mind, Rome's Dedication EP is a cool preview of an album that's bound to blow up when it does come up.

This new EP features four new songs from Rome including the title track, "Dedication." The song was co-written with Nate Ruess from Fun. and recorded with him too. Combined with Bhasker producing it's got a very modern song that has a strong Fun. influence. If these four tracks are any indication of what's to come with the album, Rome's next album will be a cool blend of what he does well, what blew up with Fun., and some modern pop sounds.

Check this EP out as a preview for the full album. It's definitely worth the couple of extra bucks over a single song download and you'll get four good songs instead of one. I'm hoping that more of the album will have some of Rome's acoustic guitar because it's too good not to take advantage of. But either way, Rome is set to blow up this year. These four songs are the only preview you need.


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