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Motion City Soundtrack's fifth album is a lot of what you'd expect from the Minneapolis rockers. After a short stint with Columbia and Sony, the band is back in familiar territory with their latest album, Gobring released via Epitaph Records. The new album is what you would expect from these guys, it's a good record that's immediately recognizable as MCS.

The cool thing about this album is there are three types of songs and they are all the type that a band like MCS should have on their fifth record. There are some that sound like the band's early work on I am the Movieor Commit This to Memory.Then there are songs that come across as being influenced by the band's time with Columbia and their album, My Dinosaur Life. There are also some songs on this album that sound completely new for MCS with unique instrumentation and some original melody work that sounds completely new and exciting.

It's those new tricks that make Goa great listen. Motion City Soundtrack has never been opposed to using an acoustic guitar but they incorporated it strongly on a few of these songs and it made them great. They also toss in some piano in places which really accentuates everything the band's doing well here too. All of the new tricks, melodies, instrumentation, and just a strong balance makes this a cool album.

This is an interesting set for Motion City Soundtrack. It's their first album back to working on the level they're used to and it's a good welcome back. There aren't a lot of signature MCS songs that will stack up to their early work, but eleven good songs with some cool moments make it this a solid listen.


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