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The Temper Trap

Pairing up with Glassnote and Columbia Records, The Temper Trap just released their major label debut and their sophomore follow-up to the 2009 release of Conditions in the form of a self-titled effort. Bizarrely, the band’s major label debut is has more of an independent sound to it than their last album. The band’s last album featured two big singles in “Fader” and the massive “Sweet Disposition.” The group’s follow-up to that album might not have the single power that the last album had, there’s not a song that really compares to the singles from the last album, but the album is a better album and an overall better experience.

Conditions doesn’t have a lot of big, grandeur moments to it. It’s somewhat of a casual affair that’s still powered by what the band did well on the last record; Precision smooth guitar work and some crazy unique vocals done by Dougy Mandagi. The biggest difference between the group’s last record and this one is the guitar work is still there and still great, but it’s not as bright as it was on Conditions. Mandagi’s vocals are grabbing most of the attention on this record but in a gradual way. There’s never one big moment from the lead singer, he’s just consistently great. That’s in large part due to the songs written for the album, and the production done by Tony Hoffer.

Conditions is the second amazing release from The Temper Trap. There’s a cool variety of songs that never stray far from a path but still manage to grab your attention. The production’s amazing, the song writing is fantastic, and the vocals are solid. It’s an album you’ll want to listen to at least once.


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