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Graham Colton Band made a name for themselves in the Dallas area by attracting fans with their hook filled songs, and heartfelt lyrics in 2001. Their indie release was an impressive collection of tracks, and was produced by the extremely talented solo artist Cary Pierce. The band was signed to Universal Records last year, and now they’re primed to take their swing in the spotlight, this time tapping high profile producer Brendan O’Brien. A sharp contrast from Cary Pierce’s production style, O’Brien clearly brings more of a rock sound to the band on their new album “Drive.” While at times O’Brien’s production may have suffocated the band, it wasn’t enough to prevent Graham Colton’s song writing talents to shine through. While critics will no doubt just write off Colton as a John Mayer sound-alike after hearing the straight ahead sounding single “Don’t Give Up On Me”, the band’s first single shouldn’t fool true music fans. This album is a well written assortment of songs, which draw on classic alternative influences. Noteworthy tracks include the song “Since You Broke It” that flashes influences of Matthew Sweet, while “First Week” is a cleverly written track that has huge potential of being a mainstream hit. The only song that was carried over from the indie debut was the track “Killing Me” which remains one of the most solid tracks on the album. The closing track “All The World Tonight” is equally impressive, as it is a clear example of the pure talent that Colton possesses. All in all, don’t give up on Graham Colton Band, their major label debut is definitely worth checking out.


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