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Our Lady Peace


Our Lady has been doing this for well over a decade now and it's been an interesting path.They have one super-friendly radio album, (Gravity) and most of their die-hards tend to love everything released before that album and either tolerate or like everything that came after that. The reasoning? There are a number of things that are out of the band’s hands, but there is one main reason that the band is in full control of. Somewhere along the way they forgot why people listen to music. Not in the ‘I’m interested in what’s selling’ way but in the ‘we’re going to be different so let’s over-compensate’ way. People listen to songs for a number of reasons, they listen to sing along, they listen for an awesome guitar solo, they listen for a unique sound in the production that they’ve never heard before, they listen for lyrics and a message they can connect with, or it’s a combination of some or all of those things. Our Lady Peace hasn’t had an album filled with songs people could connect with like that since before Gravity>. While Curve doesn’t completely fit the criteria, there’s hope with a few great OLP songs being featured on this album.


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