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After fronting the Verve Pipe for a good part of the 90’s, Brian Vander Ark is taking a shot at his solo career on his debut “Resurrection”. Vander Ark’s unmistakable vocals and unique writing style are unmistakable throughout the 11 track album. Much of the album is very stripped down and has an acoustic/indie feel to it, which at times contrasts the Verve Pipe’s rocking sound. Tracks like “1229 Sheffield” and “And Then You Went Away” present a much stripped down side of Vander Ark, not often heard during his days with The Verve Pipe. Other times Vander Ark’s keen sense of melody take over, and the result are some truly incredible songs will give even some of his best work with the Verve Pipe a run for its money. Noteworthy are the tracks “A Million Things”, the title track “Resurrection” and the cleverly written “Written And Erased.” Only Vander Ark could put together such a diverse record, drawing from so many emotions and inspirations. The Verve Pipe’s days may be passed them, but “Resurrection” is good enough to bring Vander Ark’s musical talent and the true essence of The Verve Pipe back to life.


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