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Any album bearing a name like Eternalism begins its life with a certain set of expectations. The Panic Division’s long-awaited follow-up to 2007’s Songs From The Glasshouse does just that. However, the music then follows suit. Kicking things off with “Silver Rings”, a track with a soaring hook that cannot be described as anything short of epic, Eternalism does its name justice.

The Panic Division has now become entirely the solo effort of once-frontman Colton Holliday. Fans got a taste of the musical direction Holliday was headed in with his 2009 EP Sleepwalker, which contains several songs that made the final cut on Eternalism, including standouts “Easier” and “Melody Ave”. Holliday is perhaps at his creative best, though, when he slows things down on songs such as “Lifeline” or “Too Young To Fall”, songs which find Holliday at his best. Beyond these, “No Power Great Enough” stands alone as the album’s finest moment, as well as perhaps the best piece of songwriting on the record.

Eternalism lives up to its lofty expectations throughout, delivering one track after another of Holliday’s distinctive brand of 80’s-tinged power rock. It sets the bar quite high early in 2012, and should certainly hold strong as one of the standout records of the year.


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