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Kid Runner

Wake Up Now EP

Out of Columbus, OH - Kid Runner is a cool quintet that makes some music that’s even cooler. On a whim this weekend I checked out their Wake Me Up EP and I was kind of blown away by the songs and the production – especially all of the stylistic and original sounds incorporated through this six song EP.

The opening to the EP is just an intro/lead-in to the second track, “Thinking Out Loud”, but it’s also an apt and outstanding lead-in to the entire EP. The two tracks blend perfectly together and they set the tone for an awesome listen. All five of these songs on this EP are worth your time and somehow the EP never loses any of the established momentum from the beginning of the EP to the end of it.

Be sure to take a few minutes and listen to Kid Runner’s Wake Me Up. It’s worth taking a chance on. Some of these songs are innovative and fun and they’re more than likely just as catchy as whatever alternative pop you’re listening to.


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