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Mike Garrigan

The Return of Spring

After scoring a minor hit with his former band Collapsis (and a brief stint in Athenaeum), Mike Garrigan has spent the bulk of the past decade as both a solo artist and a producer/recording engineer for others. He continues his seasonal-themed solo albums with The Return of Spring, his first since 2002's The Promise of Summer. The album is largely acoustic-based, with the drums and minor bits of electric guitar in strict supporting roles. But highlights like "Static" and "The Original Pullman Palace Car Dream" are snappy pop-rock cuts, and it's clear you're in the hands of a capable songwriter. Though the album runs a scant 33 minutes and change, it's the culmination of several years of writing and re-writing, recording and re-recording. Perhaps the album's lengthy history and gestation period is more interesting than the finished product, but sometimes an album is more enjoyable when you recognize the large amounts of time and thought that went into it.


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