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Sonic Highways

Not that Dave Grohl needs anybody else to tell him that he’s awesome, but he’s awesome. He and the Foo Fighters latest venture is Sonic Highways, it’s an eight song experiment with rock music that’s as rare as it is outstanding.

The immediate thing to like with Sonic Highways is the production. Every guitar part sounds amazing no matter how you’re listening. You can listen to this album on the worst of phone speakers and it will sound outstanding.

The other thing to like with Sonic Highways are the songs themselves. It’s radically different from any previous Foo music and from any other music that’s being made. It’s like Grohl’s take on roots rock, it’s amazing. These songs don’t have anything that comes close to resembling a common song structure – and overall they’re just a nice change from the old albums that I've listened to hundreds of times or anything new that’s been released lately.

Not taking into account anything else related to Sonic Highways other than the music, the music instantly becomes one of my favorite Foo records. I've always loved the stuff that the bands done that’s a little left of center. This definitely qualifies and it’s tremendous.


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