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Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham

Copenhagen’s Lukas Graham have long been established in Denmark and Europe as a dynamic music act capable of putting on a hell of a show and creating some outstanding stuff in the studio. A couple of months ago they were introduced to the U.S. by way of Warner Bros. with their single, “7 Years”. Now, we’re getting their entire debut album here in the U.S. It’s self-titled, (but also dubbed The Blue Album) It’s an album about love, loss, and grieving and it’s one of the most powerful soul records that I can remember listening to.

A big part of this record lyrically for Lukas Graham is the loss of lead singer Lukus Graham Forchhammer’s father. It shapes the entire album in a way that’s almost the epitome of grief. There’s a lot of sadness mixed with some joy and acceptance… there’s even some regret in Forchhammer’s lyrics. The album isn’t completely about that, but it certainly dominates what’s going on. The lyrics tell the story well here, but it’s Forchhammer’s singing that’s the main reason why they’re told so powerfully. His voice is amazing, and because of it there’s never a dull moment on this record.

Lukas Graham’s U.S. debut has some of the weirdest timing that I can think of with a sophomore album supposedly on deck to be released sometime in 2016. Still, it’s a great introduction to a band that we’re likely to be hearing for a long time.


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