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Weezer (The White Album)

With Weezer’s fourth self-titled album, we get a decent mix of Rivers Cuomo’s quirky, storytelling lyrics and his ability to write a great hook. The big difference here is that Weezer’s hooks are far more rock than pop-centric and instead of this album being about reclaiming who you once were – it’s about being comfortable with who you are.

Although they’ve definitely released material similar to this before, Weezer’s “White Album” could be the perfect summer touring album for the band. With tracks like “California Kids”, “L.A. Girlz”, “Endless Summer”, and “Wind In Our Sail” – there’s probably not a better set of songs from Weezer on one album for the summer touring run that they have coming up. It has that vibe and it also sounds and feels like listening to Weezer in the early 2000s again. There will never be anything that resembles The Blue Album again, or Pinkerton for that matter, but this can be held up next to The Green Album as something that’s pretty similar sonically. The lyrics however, are coming from a more comfortable and confident Rivers Cuomo in his 40s than an awkward and unsure Rivers Cuomo in his 20s.

This is Weezer’s best album since 2001. It’s a joy to listen to. It sounds like the Weezer of old, and Cuomo’s lyrics here are for old Weezer fans. There’s a comforting element of this record of accepting who you are and living with it, even on goofy songs like “L.A. Girls”, it’s just a fun album that’s great to listen to.


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