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Wide Awake

Four albums in and Parachute has really honed in on who they are. They’re a pop band with soul and R&B influences. That’s mainly due to how frontman Will Anderson steers the ship with his dominating vocal and songwriting.

Parachute’s fourth album, “Wide Awake” is their first with Vanguard Records, but not a lot has changed since their past two records. Anderson and co. love to incorporate gospel choirs into their music – and they do it really well. It’s never a distraction – it just adds a dramatic climax to each song it’s used on. Speaking of the songs, the writing done by Parachute here is outstanding – especially at the front of the record. Songs like “Without You”, “Lonely With Me”, “What Side of Love”, “Jennie”, and “New Orleans” are all brilliant. The album loses some momentum by the end, but it’s still an outstanding set of songs.

Parachute’s “Wide Awake” is an album that’s worth listening to – especially if you’ve grown to like the band over its previous three releases. It’s not a perfect record and it really doesn’t introduce anything new into the formula that the band has done for years now – but it’s written, produced, and performed well and there are more than a few songs that will hang with people throughout the year.


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