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Way Back Up

After waiting for what seemed like all of 2015 for their debut album, we finally get an LP from Prides with “Way Back Up.” I’m happy to report that it was well worth the wait. The album features all of the great songs that we were introduced to the past 18 months.

The songs that we’ve heard before are all great. “Messiah”, “Higher Love’, and “Out of the Blue”, but they’ve been giving a push up in quality and sound in the mastering process. Whether that’s just the effect of listening to everything together or some tweaks in the mastering process – I can’t say which one is certain. I can tell you that these songs sound better than ever either way. The new songs on this album are what I was really impressed with. You’ll get into lots of these songs, including “It’s Not Going to Change”, “I Should Know You Better”, “The Way Back Up”, and “Sam Mistakes.” “Same Mistakes” in particular is a hauntingly beautiful song.

The standard version of the album has 11 songs, but the deluxe version of the album has 16. And for once – I can’t really gripe about the quality of extra content or about how it made the album too long. All 16 tracks on this album are worth listening to. Throughout this record you’ll never get tired of listening to Stewart Brock and his cohorts. They definitely know how to craft songs and make some superb music.


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