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Snow Patrol

Fallen Empires

Snow Patrol is now two albums and a greatest hits collection removed from their landmark album “Open Your Eyes.” That album turned Snow Patrol into a household name and they followed it up with “A Hundred Million Suns”, an overlooked album that’s main strength is a manic collision of sounds. “Fallen Empires” is a different type of Snow Patrol album. In places it sounds and feels like a dance record. This is depressing. The production’s not bad, but Gary Lightbody’s voice on top of that production takes away its sincerity. That’s the thing that people who connect with Snow Patrol embrace the most, whether they know it or not. Thankfully, that’s not the only lasting quality about this album. For all of these over synthesized moments and dance beats there are some truly honest music moments like “This Isn’t Everything You Want”, “The Garden Rules”, and one of my new favorite Snow Patrol songs “New York.” This isn’t a landmark album from Snow Patrol, but it’s a mixed bag of music and a quality listen. You’ll come back to a few of these songs, but not the entire album. It’s not amazing but it’s good and that’s what you’d expect from Snow Patrol.


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