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The Duke Spirit


The Duke Spirit is a musically diverse band that can go from something sounding dark and broody to cheery and uplifting in a moment. The band’s fronted by Leila Moss and she’s a brilliant vocalist. The creativity and the vocals by Moss make this record a wonderful listen. But on “Bruiser” there’s one notable problem. There’s a double-edged sword regarding bands with too many influences. The music can have a lot of variety but it can affect songs in a negative way. This doesn’t apply to all bands that have different styles but it does apply to The Duke Spirit on “Bruiser.” and it applies to them because they over-complicate things on songs more often than not. There are some great songs on this record and there are plenty of amazing moments too. But after some of those amazing moments they decide they need to extend the song from 40 seconds to 2 minutes and unnecessarily so. The melody and the songs are great until they get tarnished by some poor decisions. Part of The Duke Spirit is some psychedelic instrumentation, meaning they’re borrowing from one of the weirdest sub-genres of music ever. Psychedelic rock is odd, but it definitely can be good, the big downer about “Bruiser” is that when this band goes into that mode the guitar parts and that instrumentation isn’t great. There are two or three moments where it is, but that’s not nearly enough for how many times they do it. I love this band, I really do. There are some songs on this album that are flat-out ridiculously good, but there are so many blown opportunities that it’s hard to appreciate the good qualities. The Duke Spirit’s “Bruiser” is worth picking up and checking out. You’ll love a few of the songs, but you’ll be frustrated by a few too.


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