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The Maine’s “Black and White” has been a favorite of mine since it came out. It showed tremendous growth for a band that I thought very little of at the time. It also had artistic integrity and well-crafted songs- two things I look for in an album I listen to routinely. The band’s now following up that record with an independent release in “Pioneer.” The album does several things really well on the new album. It took the country-rock Tom Petty vibe that the band installed into their sound with the last album and they stretched it further. They stretched that sound further to implement some new things for this band. Some of these songs have a strong dose of old-school country-blues rock touching on something similar to what George Thorogood has done on some of his songs. That adds a very cool dynamic to an already very good band. They also made things a little less polished with this album. The guitars sound raw and unchanged in several parts and simply overdriven in others. The principals of the album aren’t over-complicated, they’re just good. Well written songs and not overcomplicating things in the studio makes a good album. The Maine has a good grasp on this right now and they’re better for it. Other bands need to take lessons from these guys on sticking to what they want to do and how they do it.


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