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The Black Keys

El Camino

The Black Keys latest doesn’t have as many memorable songs as their last album but as a whole it’s a better piece of music. The album plays well from front to back despite some dull moments and there’s a bigger emphasis on variety with “El Camino.” The production with Danger Mouse and The Keys at the helm did a great job of placing a common thread on the songs while maintaining that variety. The sounds on this album still sound like the old-school rock that the band is now famous for. But with this album between they combine old-school R&B with White Stripes-style rock perfectly and they turn in into an album of fun. This album doesn’t boast a lot of catchy numbers like “Everlasting Light”, “Tighten Up”, and “Howling For You” but it has a lot of credible album songs that can’t be overlooked. The Keys will continue their surge as one of the hottest names in alternative and rock with this record and it’s due. It’s not a singles-driven album; it’s a complete experience with good songs and great production.


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