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Ever After

The new Mariana’s Trench album “Ever After” takes another theme, puts it into an album, and rolls with it. In a way it’s very similar to “Masterpiece Theater”, it’s a theme-based album, all of the songs are put into one big finale at the end of the album, and there are a ton of harmony-based tracks and cleverly written hooks. In another way, it’s a deeper listen than the previous album. The lyrics are harder to figure out, the songs don’t grab instant attention, and the the music has more variety. As smart and smooth as the band’s last album was, this one is even smarter just not as smooth. Front to back you’ll listen to this one over and over again just like the last record. You’ll even listen to this one longer than the last record. It’s not as instantly gratifying as “Masterpiece Theatre” BUT it has the capacity for a greater longevity. Two back to back amazing records should have Mariana’s Trench prepped for a great 2012 in Canada and beyond.


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