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Four Year Strong

In Some Way, Shape or Form

This Four Year Strong record isn’t that different from the last album. Despite going away from synthesizers and electronics completely- it was never a huge part of their sound anyway. “In Some Way, Shape or Form” is a balls to the wall record that hits hard in every way from guitar, bass, drums, everything. It’s the typical David Bendeth record. It sounds amazing, it plays amazing, and there are some big moments on the record that are fun to listen through every time. But as good as the sounds and the guitars are, an album is only good as the songs on it. “In Some Way, Shape or Form” has some great songs but there are also plenty of normal moments on it too. Out of all of these songs there are four that are excellent. Out of those four there’s only three that you’ll want to listen to regularly. It’s hard to knock an album that’s sequenced, produced, and played wonderfully but as far as bands like Four Year Strong- Terrible Things/ Taking Back Sunday/etc. this album is very plain. Four Year Strong will continue to kick ass with it’s fan base and it’s demo but it’s hard to think that it’ll get expanded with this album.


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