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Mylo Xyloto

Coldplay and Brian Eno have teamed up again after “Viva La Vida” for probably the most anticipated new album of 2011. There’s plenty to like about the album. In lots of ways it’s a continuation of Viva La Vida. Eno’s production is crisp and he uses his reverbs and effects so efficiently that those sounds are just as recognizable with Coldplay music as Chris Martin’s voice. The album’s also got a couple of moments of real variety where they briefly walk away from that big cavity-inducing production and make something a little more stripped away much like Coldplay used to be on “Parachutes.” But, those moments are few and far between and instead of having a steady mix of “Parachutes” meets “Viva La Vida” you’re more or less getting a slimmer version of “Viva La Vida.” The problem with Mylo Xyloto is upon initial impressions it doesn’t strike you as ground-breaking like its predecessor, it just comes across as a pop record. It’s a good pop record, but in terms of credibility it’s not going to cut into what the last album did.


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