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The Push Stars

Paint the Town

Creating an endless stream of critically acclaimed pop rock comes as second nature to this Massachusetts three piece. ‘Paint the Town’ continues the tradition founded on the Imago label debut, the one Capitol records release ‘After the Party’ and the self released 2001 album ‘Opening Time’. Out of favour with Capitol records after the president, a staunch supporter of the band, resigned, The Push Stars went on to impress the Farrelly brothers who included ‘Everything Shines’ on the soundtrack to ‘There’s Something About Mary’ and Matchbox 20’s Rob Thomas, who invited them to support them on a tour in 2003. The finely crafted alt-pop that gave rise to earlier plaudits remains intact throughout and illustrates the timeless nature of well-written songs. If you take your pick from the wonderfully lilting ‘Every Angel’, opener ‘Claire’ where Trappers lyrics give special treatment to an all to clichéd subject, or any one of the other ten highly articulate pop gems on offer, you’ll soon come to the conclusion that if ever a term deserved to be applied to a band it’s this one…...pure Americana!


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