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Better Than Ezra

All Together Now

Better Than Ezra's last album, 2009's Paper Empire was a serious and dramatic album that was received well by fans of the band but lacked a little of the known pizzaz that the band has been known for. Frontman Kevin Griffin's lyrics are usually great and insightful, but he also has the ability to write breezy pop songs with a sense of humor. There wasn't a lot of that on Paper Empire. The band's latest album - a record that's coming roughly five years after their last release - is All Together Now.

All Together Now is the opposite of Paper Empire. If Paper Empire was all serious and a little bit of fun, All Together Now is all fun with only a little bit of serious. All Together Now is filled with bright and breezy pop songs written by Kevin Griffin. The songs that the frontman penned for this record are all really great musically, but they're exceptional lyrically. It's true that that these songs are largely upbeat pop numbers, but the lyrical content ranges from the not-so serious to things like addiction and love. Sonically though, this Better Than Ezra album doesn't sound completely out of their realm of things, but a nice indie/current sound and vibe is incorporated into this album thanks in large part to the production by Tony Hoffer.

All Together Now is a great record from Better Than Ezra. It's pretty remarkable that the band has been going strong for more than a quarter of a century and that they can still put out relevant music that's both smart and surprising.


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