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Scars on 45

Heart on Fire EP

While we’re still waiting for a Scars on 45 album to come out, Atlantic has issued another EP from the band. With eight songs out there and two of those songs being singles that have done well, the EP formula is working. I think we’re more likely to see another EP come out early next year than we are to see the album come out in its entirety. For once, I’m fine with this. Scars on 45 is great in small doses, four songs is the perfect amount for the band’s smooth British folk-pop sound. They’re an extremely talented group and we heard that with the “Give Me Something EP” now we’re hearing it again on the “Heart on Fire EP.” These four songs are even stronger than the last four released. Danny Bemrose wistfully takes us on an emotional three song journey. His songs are great here like they were on the last EP, but this time we’re getting another layer to Scars on 45. This time Aimee Driver, the female vocalist from the band sings on a song too. She sings on “Promises and Empty Words’ and she nails it. Her vocals are just as impressive as Bemrose’s and a solo career or a band where she exclusively fronts would be more than feasible. Bemrose is fantastic but she needs more songs to sing on. The reason why the “Heart on Fire EP” works well is fairly simple. More than four songs of Scars on 45 and you’ll be bored. That just is what it is. They’re a very good band and they write amazing songs but there’s little to no variety in what they do. What they do, they do amazing. That’s why four songs is perfect, anything else you get too much of the same thing. The EP is worth checking out, but it would be interesting to hear what else the band can do other than these eight songs that are pretty similar.


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