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Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade

For Mayday Parade, a self-titled album for their third full-length release is appropriate. After releasing their sophomore record with Atlantic, “Anywhere But Here” the band is back to being independent with ILG helping out this go around. Similar to their return to the independent scene, the band went back to working with producers Zach Odom and Kenneth Mount after working with David Bendeth on the last record. Sonically this sounds a lot like the band’s debut album with the typical Zach & Kenneth polish and shine. An .mp3 file doesn’t give the sounds on this album justice; it has to be listened in .wav format or on CD. That’s the best way to experience it. There aren’t a lot of layers and effects, but the producers’ polish and shine to what they’re recording can only be appreciated in full quality. Apart from the sound of the album, Mayday Parade going independent allowed them to be able to write all of their own material again. That’s something that fits best with what they do. Because of this, the songs sound more appropriate to what the band does well. It doesn’t feel like they’re trying to do something they’re not capable of. The songs are strong for the most part too. The anthems at the beginning of the album like “Oh Well, Oh Well” and “When You See My Friends” are sure to become Mayday Parade fan favorites. The same can be said with the ballad “Stay.” The first half of the album is extremely strong and a great listen. After the first half is over the album loses some steam but it doesn’t exactly fade out after track six. The first half of the album is great. The second half of the album is good. Mayday Parade’s return to their roots with production and songwriting proves to be effective here with a good release that’s sure to please anybody who enjoyed the first album.


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