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People and Things

As I listen to third Jack’s Mannequin record I keep hearing all of these 80’s influences strung together. There’s a ton of new wave influence to the music meshed in with Springsteen-type songs. In fact, if Springsteen had a voice more similar to Andrew McMahon and he came around 10-15 years later than he did… this could be a Springsteen album. I mean that to be praise. The lyrics are heartfelt and emotional. And yes, the production and the style of the songs outside of McMahon’s vocal delivery resemble 80’s music more than they don’t. That goes for electronic drums, synthesizers, even the guitar solos, lines, and accents. This is an 80’s album made by Jack’s Mannequin. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t get a little tiresome in the middle. But I’d also be lying if the same songs that sounded boring the first listen through, eventually I found myself singing along to. There’s no pop punk influences to this album like Jack’s had on the first record and touched on with the second album, but that’s only slightly missed. The songs here are written well with lyrics that are easy to connect with and instrumentations with a central sonic theme that are easy to love. “People and Things” is a strong piece of art from Jack’s Mannequin and one that music lovers will appreciate. It’s not as good as “The Glass Passenger” but it’s more identifiable.


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