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Vice Verses

Switchfoot’s eighth studio album and their follow-up to “Hello Hurricane” is “Vice Verses.” It’s an album based on opposites. The title track is obviously the best example of the concept. What’s interesting about this album from Switchfoot is it wraps everything that the band’s done really well over the years and they finally put it into one album. They’ve incorporated credible singles-driven style that they established on “Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces” and “The Beautiful Letdown.” They’ve mixed in the singles-driven songs with energetic songs that were on “Hello Hurricane.” And on top of everything else going on, they’ve incorporated Jon Foreman’s solo stuff and the artistic style the band pushed on “Oh Gravity.” Musically this album is all over the place with what this band can do and it’s great to finally hear them putting everything they do well on one record. Lyrically it’s got the concept and its Switchfoot so it’s well thought out and the lyrics are powerful and poignant. The lone criticism with the record is that about a quarter of these songs have vocals that have been overproduced. Out of those songs that had the vocals be overproduced, two of those are awful rhythm-based songs that fit in with pop radio too well for this band. Switchfoot put everything that the band does well and put it out on one album. Not all of it is great but the end result is a good listen.


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