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In-Stereo EP

After growing tired of the label way, Cartel has decided to take the independent route with their music. To test out those waters and to transition into the next phase of the band, they’ve released the “In-Stereo EP.” For what it’s worth, it’s not a bad effort. The band’s songwriting is as good as ever and Will Pugh’s vocal delivery is spot-on. The EP has five good songs on it that Cartel fans will love. The lone problem is the production with this EP. It’s not terrible, but it doesn’t sound as polished as the band’s last three albums. The vocal production is fine, but some of the guitars drown each other out. There’s an amazing guitar line on “Something to Believe In.” But this great line is drowned out by the rest of what’s going on with the song. This is a good EP from Cartel and it’s cool that the band is going independent, but something has to give with production in the future. Either fans have to adjust to the production scaled back or Cartel has to up the ante and go back to the big studios and record there.


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