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Butch Walker and the Black Widows

The Spade

Butch Walker’s last album was a favorite of mine for 2010. It was a great album and “Trash Day” will remain one of my favorite songs for a long time. It would take a special album by Butch Walker and the Black Widows to top the album. The Spade does that and surprisingly it does it easily. Walker’s ability to write smart, funny, and insightful pop songs can’t be overlooked. Plus the way he can take a melody like “Goodbye Earl” from the Dixie Chicks and turn that into “Summer of ’89”… well It’s pretty amazing. Then on songs like “Synthesizers” and “Dublin Crow”, those tracks are just smart pop songs with some tongue in cheek humor to them. The only knock you can give “The Spade” is that as much as there are some brilliant moments on this record, it’s short- only ten songs long. And two or three of these songs feel like filler when compared to the rest of the record. Butch can write great songs, but he can record them too. The production elements and the overall production with this record is brilliant. With whatever he produces he always manages to capture the mood and the tone for what’s coming across and he does that the best with his own stuff. “The Spade” is another great album from Butch Walker. Sure, it will probably go under the radar again... But who cares… it’s awesome.


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