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Trampled Sun

Kyng is an impressive hard rock trio out of L.A. Eddie Veliz, Pepe Clarke, and Tony Castaneda are all incredibly talented musicians. On their debut album “Trampled Sun” they’re tight and the musicianship is striking. If there was an example for how an independent metal/hard rock band should play it should be “Trampled Sun.” Veliz’s voice is nothing short of inspiring. There’s a power behind it that’s similar to Miles Kennedy, Chris Cornell, and a few other rock greats from the past. His guitar work is stellar too. He’s a complete musician and the other two guys in the band are just as good. If you like heavy music, then you’ll be impressed with Kyng. “Trampled Sun” is a good listen but the band tends to let their talent get in their way from time to time on this album. Veliz’s voice is outstanding but on moments after a huge chorus where he could really take over the show… the band enters into chugging metal style. It’s almost like they couldn’t finish the song so they just decided to do that. It’s not bad from time to time, but they went to that well too many times with this album. For how good “Trampled Sun” is, it’s just as frustrating due to its lack of direction. All of the solos are awesome but occasionally they’re in weird spots and there are too many of them. There are moments when the band stays out of their own way...“Falling Down”, “I Don’t Believe”, “Takes its Toll”, and “The Roses” are the main ‘moments’ on the record when that happens. Kyng’s a great band and “Trampled Sun” is a good debut. The next step is to focus on melody and pull back on some of the guitar solos so they can focus on the songs more.


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