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Trevor Hall

Everything, Everytime, Everywhere

Trevor Hall’s run in the music business has been an interesting one. A few years ago we featured him in an ‘Addiction Predictions’ article to have some success that year, and it never happened. For whatever reason the album never got released ‘officially’ and Trevor went on his way to some successful touring and promotion for a record that was leaked. Eventually he found a home on Vanguard records and so far it’s been a pairing that’s worked. His new album “Everything, Everytime, Everywhere” is a record that somewhat replaces the unofficial debut. It’s got some catchy songs that are written and produced superbly. It’s got some quirky songs that are as good as they are unique. The music is heavily influenced by Hall’s love of India and the people of the country. Those three elements carry over to this album from that debut. You can say he loses points for making the same record twice, but he gains points by getting a record released that’s on par with the one that never got put out. There are songs here that everybody will like. Songs like “Brand New Day”, “The Mountain”, and “Dr. Seuss.” There are also songs that are for a select group of people that like the music that Hall normally makes… Basically this is a record that used to be made pretty frequently ten years ago. Everybody will like a few tracks. A few people will like all of the tracks. And Trevor Hall keeps making music as he should.


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