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Gabe Dixon

One Spark

Gabe Dixon, made famous by the Gabe Dixon band has gone solo. That’s more than a tad confusing and if his music wasn’t so good he’d be lambasted for it a little bit more. Gabe Dixon has a solo record out called “One Spark” and the album is a light but enjoyable listen. Gabe’s voice is really similar to one of his influences on this record… Paul McCartney. It’s incredibly smooth but it’s got a sweet spot where he hits high notes. It’s like some really good whiskey with honey in it. Smooth and sweet. Dixon’s voice has always been impressive; it’s his songwriting and the layering of the music that’s impressive with “One Spark.” There’s an incredible amount of power in the simplicity of these songs. I dare anyone to listen to “Even the Rain” and “On a Day Just Like Today” and not be impressed. The lyrics are moving, the way Dixon sings them is perfect, and at the 3:00 mark of each of those songs, magic takes over for a solid minute. Most music gets us with a strong hook or a good solo; Dixon’s music will pull you in with sheer quality. Listen to those songs and you’ll understand. “One Spark” is a great album; it’s obviously not going to be for mainstream rock aficionados but if you like good music… you should love this record.


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