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Mat Kearney

Young Love

Mat Kearney’s third record is different than his previous two. His debut album mixed his hip-hop style with his singer/songwriter style fairly evenly. The second album was mostly the singer/songwriter type album. This third record is a very beat-driven record. He dives into his own unique rapping style more and more due to that, but he also just sings plenty here too. He’s just singing over a beat instead of an acoustic guitar most of the time. That goes for the swinging/pop melodies like “Hey Mama” and “She Got the Honey” and it goes for the brunt of the middle of the album too. The only true singer/songwriter song on the album is “Rochester”, which is a very moving song that Kearney wrote about his father and his father’s childhood. That song is Mat with an acoustic guitar. Kearney is great on all of his music for a couple of reasons, the first is pretty easy. It’s his voice. It’s got the perfect amount of depth to it but there’s always this hint of vulnerability that makes it seem extremely human. Then to go along with his voice, it’s just that he cares. He cares about the type of show he puts on and he cares about the type of album he’s releasing. He’ll never release the same album twice and this album is evidence of that. “Young Love” feels like the most original and most fun Mat Kearney album to date, this is true. It’s original. The pop songs have outstanding melodies and the album tracks don’t feel like album tracks, they feel like stories. Mat Kearney’s new album is one I’d recommend to anyone out there. There are three or four songs here that you’ll be listening to for a very long time.


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