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Angie Aparo

For Stars and Moon

Atlanta based Angie Aparo has been courting record companies and fans alike since 1996’s ‘Out of the Everywhere’. A meeting with Matt Serletic in 1997 lead to an extremely successful collaboration between the songwriter and producer which ultimately achieved the goal of Aparo signing to Clive Davis’s Arista label. ‘The American’-Aparo’s major label debut released in 2000-was an upgraded version of the Aparo song-writing machine and combined with a mainstream production was an all singing all dancing affair leaving behind the raw roots that were evident on ‘Out of the Everywhere’.
As with so many other talented artists-Enuff z Nuff being one such example-Clive Davis’s departure signalled the end of Aparo’s time with Arista. Not content to sit on his laurels Aparo continued down the independent route with the release of ‘Weapon of Mass Construction’-a covers album-whilst his song-writing genius from his previous album produced the Faith Hill hit ‘Cry’. Indeed it could be argued that like Butch Walker, Aparo’s forte is writing material for other artists. If you are an artist however you will appreciate how difficult it must be to abandon melodies and heart-felt lyrics that come from within. And so it goes with ‘For Stars and Moon’ where once again Aparo shows his mettle with an appreciation of his acoustic based beginnings. ‘Hard Women’ has a loose feeling with its simple melody and harmonica whilst ‘Suicide’, ‘Love’ and a host of other songs hint at more than a passing Beatles influence. The commercial singer-songwriter approach is largely avoided by Aparo, no more so than on the bluesy experimentalism of ‘So Bad’ and although some may find the vocal style a little tweek, Aparo avoids the quick wade into the shallow waters of commerciality and implores a more intellectual market to luxuriate, relax and enjoy the mature wider ocean that is ‘The Stars and Moon’.


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