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Sublime with Rome started with the band’s manager having the idea for the two parties to come together. Initially Bud Gaugh wasn’t high on the idea, but he came aboard after hearing the young Rome Ramirez’s voice. After getting a couple of shows lined up, a legal battle ensued. The family of the late Bradley Nowell, didn’t want the new Ramirez, Gaugh, and bassist Eric Wilson using the Sublime moniker to tour with. After that, a settlement came with the Nowell family and the new band being called Sublime With Rome, instead of just Sublime. The whole thing worked out to benefit Sublime With Rome, because Wilson and Gaugh get the credibility of Sublime carried over to their new project but there’s still the new band angle attached to it because Rome’s involved in the moniker too. Basically not being able to call this Sublime is the best thing that ever happened to this band because Rome Ramirez isn’t Brad Nowell and this way he doesn’t have to try to be. The album that stemmed from the formation of Sublime with Rome is fantastic. It showcases Rome’s songwriting skills (he co-wrote “Lay Me Down” with The Dirty Heads too), and it also showcases a tremendous voice. It’s a bit similar to Nowell’s, but it’s unique enough to hold its own too. Combined with one of the best rhythm sections ever with Gaugh and Wilson, this project has some great songs and ends up being a decent album. That’s not to say that every song on here is great, because there are a few push-ins, but songs like “Only”, “PCH”, and “Spun” are all great songs and I’d dare to say they’re good enough to be called Sublime songs. This isn’t as good as Sublime with Brad Nowell, but Sublime with Rome is the next best thing.


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