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If Not Now, When?

Incubus' "Light Grenades" wasn't an over-the-top intense record. It had some very fast/action packed songs like the title track and like "Anna Molly", but for the most part it was pretty tame. The band's first new album in five years, the longest stretch of their career "If Not Now, When?" makes "Light Grenades" seem like a Mastadon record. This is Incubus in its mellowest form. There's not one of these songs that just blazes and puts everything out there. They are all incredibly mellow. The bad news with that is there's not a ton of diversity with this record, the good news is that the songs all have such a beautiful soundscape to them and good enough lyrics that you don't really notice. This record is mellow, and it's not that diverse, but it's never boring. It's never boring because this might be the best sounding Incubus record to date. Brandon Boyd's vocal work is the best that it's ever been. His voice on top of those soundscapes makes this Incubus album stand out. However, it's such an incredibly different Incubus record that it's going to be next to impossible for casual fans to connect with. Pop fans who know the band for songs like "Drive" and "Are You In', there's nothing really like that here. The songs are great but they're not written to be pop songs. Fans for the harder version of Incubus, again- this is an extremely smooth album from these guys so they might not latch on to this record either. "If Not Now, When?" is a tough record to place, but that's how an Incubus album should be. It's artistically driven and it's an album that these guys haven't made yet. In their career, they've never made the same album twice. That sounds easier than it is. People who like Incubus for what the band is will love this record. People who exist outside of that circle might have a harder time latching on to this one.


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