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Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday has had an interesting career. Not just musically and with the albums they’ve made, but with member changes too. For years, Taking Back Sunday had revolving door member changes. It made Yellowcard’s situation enviable. But, after years away from the band John Nolan and Shaun Cooper came back and they took the band back to original form. This was the lineup that released “Tell All Your Friends” and the lineup that the band’s original fans came on board with. That lineup has injected some new and much needed creativity with TBS and they’ve made a great album with their latest release. The biggest thing I can say about this album is it’s a mixture of what the band sounded like in 2002 on “Tell All Your Friends” with all of that unbelievable guitar work, and the modern-era TBS of the past few years where it’s not exactly pop music, but it has a good amount of catchiness to it. While the sound has been invigorated you can’t discount these songs either. Just like the past couple TBS albums, not every song is an immediate attraction but most of them ware you down until they’re enjoyed thoroughly. They do have those immediate songs though- namely “Faith (When I Let You Down)”, “This is Now”, and “El Paso.” And those songs are all great, but it’s the songs that don’t have that immediate effect that make this album enduring. I don’t know if it’s better than “Louder Now” but it’s a great TBS album and one that will make all of their fans- early, late, whenever- happy.


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