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We All Bleed

Crossfade, even with its several lineup changes, has always been great. However, since blowing up with their debut single “Cold” and what followed immediately after that… the band’s struggled with identity problems. After the debut album, Tony Byroads left the band and so did anything related to a nu-metal stigma. They made “Falling Away” for Columbia in 2007 but that record was a mess due to some odd creative choices. After parting with their former label, Crossfade found a home with Eleven Seven awhile ago and have spent a considerable amount of time making their third record, “We All Bleed.” I can say very confidently that Crossfade’s new album has no mainstream qualities to it. For this band, I think that’s a good thing. There’s not a catchy chorus in any of these songs. But there’s a ton of diversity. And it’s more aggressive, far more aggressive, than the other two Crossfade albums. Fans of mainstream and modern rock who listen for ballads and big hooks won’t like this Crossfade album as much as the previous two albums. But for metal fans and fans of aggressive music with big thick guitars, and even people who like industrial rock…you’ll dig Crossfade’s “We All Bleed.” This is a big change for this band, whether that’s for the good or the bad, that’s up to their fan base. This album probably won’t end up being the favorite of the Crossfade albums, but it will be the most respected. The creativity on this third record is something to be admired.


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