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Redlight King

Something for the Pain

Redlight King is Mark Kasprzyk new project. Kasprzyk, now known as just ‘Kaz’, might have a familiar voice to some. A decade ago, Kaz was Kazzer. Kazzer’s main success came with a single “Pedal to the Metal” that was used in various TV shows including Malcolm in the Middle and Hot Wheels: Battle Force Five. So yes, like a few others Kazzer used to be a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I’m happy to report that I love the new project Redlight King and I’m a huge fan of the new album “Something for the Pain.” Produced by Wax, this album is a great 11 track journey that’s an emotional story about one man coming from a personal hell he created back to normalcy. It doesn’t feel like he’s through it yet, it just feels the worst is behind him. Lyrically it’s an extremely strong record that tells a story, there’s only one problem. The lyrics here let Kaz push his gearhead mentality to the forefront a little too much. It’s a bit like professional athletes who rap about scoring touchdowns and fame problems. It doesn’t work because it’s not relatable to everybody. It’s not a huge deal with Kaz’s work here because it’s relevant to a larger group of people, but if you take that out of this record you have an exceptional record instead of just a damn good one. As far as production goes, Wax Ltd did this and did a brilliant job. This album feels like a rock record with Kaz’s hip hop infused in and not the other way around. It’s basically the anti-Kevin Rudolph approach… good music at its core with a few effects/BS sprinkled in. I’m a huge fan of this record. Not just for its single “Old Man” but for how good it is as a whole. There’s not a weak link here. This could catch on in a big way across multiple genres and formats this year. Here’s hoping it does because it’s a great album.


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