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Never Be Content EP

Innerpartysystem abandoned most of their alternative rock infusions with their latest EP, “Never Be Content”. There’s more of a focus on the electronics side of things here. I can’t say that I won’t miss the alt-rock infusions, because I definitely will. But, Innerpartysystem’s electronic work is so ridiculously good and original that it’s hard not to enjoy. They make similar acts look like amateurs. The beats are brilliant with every song and they shift and move on a sonic journey all their own. Then on top of that you get great vocals from Patrick Nissley. I understand that the new album the band is working on is going to be similar to this EP and that’s a good thing. This EP has six songs that are fantastic and fun, and really… just all-around awesome. Their only defect is they all might be a minute or so long each. They carry on too much in the middle parts, they need to speed things up from time to time and not go off on a huge tangent… I realize that’s the genre they’re in, but the songs are still too long. Regardless, Innerpartysystem’s “Never Be Content” is an enjoyable affair that leads up nicely to what should be a good album.


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