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Dirty Work

All Time Low’s last few albums were albums that were great the first listen through. You could even listen to them a few times through after that and they were great. After the first few listens though, they wore out their welcome. They’re good albums but they’re not excellent. There are songs on them that you’ll come back to, but only a couple on each release. As for the band’s new album “Dirty Work”, it’s tougher to figure it out. On the first listen it’s fairly similar to the band’s last few albums but slightly more diverse. Unlike the band’s previous work… it doesn’t get worse the more you listen… it gets better. That’s a great quality for an album to have. The main reason why this album gets better the more you listen to it is because of Alex Gaskarth’s work writing songs for this release. Because the band had a busy schedule during the process of making this album, he had to do most of the writing by himself. That’s interesting because during a hectic schedule you wouldn’t expect him to write the most diverse stuff he’s written to date but that’s what happened. Although most of these songs don’t have hooks that blow you away the first time through, they do catch on eventually. The choruses in these songs are written too well for them not to. Gaskarth’s writing is great here, but at the same time this doesn’t feel like a band effort. There aren’t any big solos/tricky parts that you get when an entire band is involved and egos have to be protected… I actually think that’s needed for rock record to be enjoyable. That flavor is missed, but with “Dirty Work” you’re still getting twelve songs that are all catchy and produced very well… it’s a pop album, and a good one.


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