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Kill The Alarm

Against the Grain EP

Garen Gueyikian’s project Kill the Alarm had a great last release in "Fire Away." It wasn't a giant rock record, but for an independent album on an independent budget it was excellent. "Sit Up" isn't just an impressive song; it's one of my favorite songs of all time. It will be played in casual playlists of mine for years to come. My point is, "Fire Away" would be a hard album to follow up for any artist. One would expect Gueyikian to go ‘big’ with this release with catchier songs and edgier guitars. He didn't do that though. He went in a new direction. Instead of making a full album, Kill the Alarm made an EP. And instead of making songs that were mostly guitar and hook/melody driven, Geyaikan self-produced a vocal-driven EP. I'd always thought that his voice was impressive but here's it's incredibly impressive on all five of these songs. Geyaikan might have abandoned dominant guitars with this EP, but he didn't abandon the ability to write a great hook. "Don’t Run Away" and “Not the Same" are both great songs that compare well with KTA's previous work. The EP's only real flaw comes during the start of three of these songs. They all turn out well and they're all easy to listen to, but they don't grab the attention that they should in their first 30 seconds. Some of these songs could have started a lot better than they did, especially since they finish so strong. "Against the Grain" is a different direction for Geyaikan and Kill the Alarm and I like where he's going. The fact that he produced this by himself is really impressive and his vocals here are about as strong as they could be. It's impressive enough to be the main part of KTA, but to self-produce a solid EP is no small-feat either.


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