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The Way It Was

When Parachute came out a few years ago the band was fresh out of college and the next big thing. After some modest success with a great debut and working rigorously on the road playing show after show, the band has now put out a sophomore album with “The Way it Was.” This album isn’t all that different from “Losing Sleep” but it does exemplify a couple of things. The band has taken a less-is-more approach and they’ve let Will Anderson’s voice do the brunt of the work on all of these songs. Anderson’s vocals were excellent with the last album; with this album they’re even better with a few more years’ worth of experience. Standing out just as much as Anderson’s voice is guitarist Nate McFarland’s work on “The Way it Was.” He doesn’t dominate every song, but on certain songs like “White Dress” he’s got a guitar lick here and there that emphasizes Anderson’s voice and the music going around him perfectly. The great songs on this album don’t outnumber the great songs on “Losing Sleep”, but they do match them. There’s no let down with this album save maybe a song that might have been too influenced by outside interference. Other than that, Parachute has released a good sophomore album. There's potential hit single after potential hit single on this record. With "The Way It Was" Parachute could realistically become a powerhouse band like Train, Maroon 5, and similar acts.


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